Our Story

Hope & Anchor Church is a familiar place where we gather to hear and tell our stories. In doing so, we address our deepest human desire to grow in relationship with God and our family and friends. We discover how we are all involved in the ongoing story of God’s Creation and of how He is on a mission to seek and save His children from the wreckage of our disobedience and sin. It’s at places like Hope & Anchor Church where we find acceptance and real friendship. It's also where we can learn to embrace our calling to join with Jesus in revealing His Kingdom to the world around us.

Ultimately, being part of a local church should involve more than dressing up for songs and preaching each week, and an occasional potluck dinner. The example of the early Church we find in the Bible is one full of meaning, shared lives, compelling vision, and undeniable hope. At Hope & Anchor Church, we believe being a community of Christ-followers means following that example and living in the reality of Jesus’ teachings about loving God and loving others. So when we worship together, we share creative expressions of devotion in art, music, and story. We fully engage the truth of God’s Word through intentional study and honest conversation. We eagerly pursue true companionship by sharing life together while celebrating successes, sticking together in tough times, and encouraging each other in the day-to-day grind. In our neighborhood, our city, and our world, we try to live out Christ’s love by spending ourselves in service to others. By investing in our community and being present in the lives of our neighbors, we hope to make God visible and invite people into friendship with Him.


Our Mission: Shaping a Worshiping People and Sending a Missionary People.