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Our Values


We value the creative ways God draws people to Himself and hope to faithfully participate in His work by extending Christ's invitation to all, removing unnecessary obstacles to faith, so all might encounter the Gospel and experience the grace of God in a transformative way.


We value the centrality of Jesus Christ's redemptive work (His life, death, and resurrection) as the means by which all people can come back into right relationship with God through faith and can begin to rediscover God's hopes and plans for their lives and relationships.


We value being honest about who God is, who we are, and what God desires us to become as we strive to cultivate a Christian community that is deeply committed to each other out of genuine love and concern for wholeness and unity.


We value the life in Christ in which we follow after Him, embrace His teachings, and discover the ways we are each called, gifted, and sent out by God to reveal and represent the Kingdom in meaningful ways to the world around us.